Sunday, July 16, 2006

The World Cup is over so LET THE SHIT HIT THE FAN!

Were we all in such a coma during the World Cup Month that we didn't notice that a war was about to begin?
Or was it that all the usual idiots were waiting for the world to have time to pay them some attention before killing each other?

A new bloody chapter has begun, and who knows how it will end.

I really feel sorry for the Lebanese. I don't understand why they need this conflict now. They have their land. Their country was becoming a haven of tourism and prosperity again. If there's anything left that Israel controls, it's microscopic compared to the whole of Lebanon.

Of course it does not justify at all Israel bloodthirsty murderous response, but no country should allow a separate militia to exist on their soil and to instigate a war unnecessarily with a country, which is definitely more powerful militarily and for what? That's what I don't get!

It's easier to start a war than to end it, so lets see where the combined idiots of the Middle East will take us now.

On a more personal note, one of my relatives is now stuck in Lebanon. We have no idea how she will get out... The family are telling her to stay put in some safe place until the fighting stops. My problem is, who said the fighting will stop anytime soon.


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