Thursday, May 11, 2006

Their days are numbered.

Man, check this pic. doesn't it say it all. You have this demonstrator flat on the street with policemen stamping him with their feet.
I came across it here:

This regime is hopeless. They have no idea how much the world and the country has changed. The amount of anger and contempt towards the government felt by all is unbelievable. Egyptians are still a peaceful people though. One of our well known sayings is " Have patience with your evil neighbour, he may go to hell, or some disaster may take him." Funny but very passive, like Egyptians themselves. So most of us are just waiting and waiting until something changes. Partially it is the Pharaoh complex too, we're too used to Mubarak. I totally believe though, that when he finally dies ( he is human, isn't he, isn't he!), that is when the big change will come. The problem though, is the big change may be for the worse. 50 years of stupidity do have a cost after all.


Blogger SeattlePharaoh said...

Very sad but true. The days of that regime are indeed numbered and the hatred towards it is growing by the minute. A regime that seizes every opportunity to lash at its own people is as the Arabic saying goes "playing in injury time". The next 5 years are going to be a watershed period for Egypt. Our Pharaoh will be gone and the power struggle will generate a new one. I just hope we do not end up in the 13th century. Maybe, just maybe things will turn out better.

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