Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Shitty Era Theory

FalafelDiaries has a good post here in which he wonders why the news is so depressing these days...

I've been wondering for a while whether we're living in some special period, and why this seems so strange to us.

I think the Shitty Era Theory® might explain this.

Human History is a series of Shitty Eras. There has never been a period of Peace, Happiness and Equality. It's actually a myth that this is possible. An individual may not realize how shitty the era he lives in is, but that is just due to the fact that geographically he happened to be in an area which is not under one of the big piles of Shit.

So we have the Colonial Shitty Era, WWI Shitty Era.
Then the interwar period, which may be a Shitty Era or an InterShitty Lull.
Then WWII, one of the Shittiest Shitty Eras ever. A small InterShitty Lull of 3- 5 years and the beginning of the Cold War Shitty Era.

The Cold War Shitty Era is interesting, as relative to the previous Shitty Eras such as WWI and WWII, it was a less bloody Shitty Era. This may lead us to believe that this Era was less Shitty. but this would be a mistake in my opinion, in that there was always the massive risk that a Nuclear war would start, turning the whole Planet into one big barren piece of Shit.

So this is where people in our age group, 20 - 30, come in. We were born close to the end of the Cold War Shitty Era. By the time, we were old enough to be aware of anything, it was 1989 - 1990 and the Shitty Era was over.
In Egypt specifically, we were also born after the Peace Treaty with Israel, so we never saw any of that shit either.
So we spent most of our aware life, during an InterShitty Lull, during which topics such as Monica's blue dress was the most interesting thing going on. And so it was natural for people in our age group to assume that, that is the way life is going to be. Of course that was total bullshit. The world was just taking it's breath after the last scary Shitty Era, and getting ready for the next one.

We're now about 5 years into the new Shitty Era, and we're still not used to it. But we better get used to this shit. The last Shitty Era lasted 50 years. This one won't end any time soon. And even if it does, the best you can hope for is a few years of Intershitty lull again, before the next Shitty Era begins.

so the moral of the story is, the only thing you can do is, try to avoid finding yourself beneath one of the big piles of Shit.


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