Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back to the Stone Age

I am happy to announce that we are marching confidently back to the Stone Age...


According to this article, our great Mofty has announced in another Fatwa that we really really need that all statues are haram.

So, another one of the crazy people, we have so many of them these days don't we, went to a museum with a knife, threatened the guard, and smashed four of the statues.

Whats worse is that the Fine Arts College is now falling apart! Students attend religious seminars every day and nearly no Cultural seminars, in the Fine Arts College!!!

Teaching assistants are quiting because art is sinful. Students are AVOIDING LOOKING AT ART!!!!!! IN THE FUCKING FINE ARTS COLLEGE!!!!!

The Dean quit out of disgust.

For God's sake, how stupid can people be!!!! Do they think that people are still praying to these statues!!! They can't tell the difference between Statues of Baal or Ra or something created in the stone age, and statues by artists 2000 years later!!!!

Anyway, for all of you idolators out there. Look out, they're coming for you.


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